We believe that to create is to live an authentic life. The Happy Hipsters is where our creativity comes to life in the form of Almost Nerdy and Feasts with my Furball. 


The very first conversation we ever had was about superheroes and our love of movies. It seemed only natural that we would harness that passion into our podcast Almost Nerdy! This is a weekly “after the movie” podcast where we discuss fantasy/sci-fi movies. We laugh, we reflect, we theorize and overall nerd out about the movies that we love. We are currently going through a series called “Countdown to Infinity” where we’re deep diving into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get ready for Avengers Endgame. Join us on our Almost Nerdy Journey every Thursday! You can find our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google or on the Almost Nerdy page of our site. 


We’re normal dog parents, except a lot more extra! The concept of Feasts with my Furball started when we adopted our dog and found out that there’s tons of human food that dogs can eat too! We currently finished season three of our cooking show for our dog! If you love seeing dog treats that look good enough that you’ll want to try them yourself, then you’re going to want to check these videos out. 


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