• Shalom Mukamuri

Fall Festivities

When it's fall and Tyler comes into town, you need to do all the festivities possible!

We had a great time at the Market at DelVal. To be honest, we expected a larger corn maze, but the scavenger hunt was so much fun that we had a good time anyway. We also had to pick out own pumpkins. As we were in the field, Tyler explained how you have to be careful which pumpkin you pick because you could accidentally spend $80...like he did last year. You'll be happy to know that he only spent $9 on his pumpkin this year.

We then did a fall photoshoot because Tyler's now on social media (finally)! He's the worst millennial.

Finally, we carved our pumpkins. As predicted, Courtney had to help Tyler get all the guts out of his pumpkin.


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